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Petunia is an annual plant of the nightshade family (Solanaceae). Originates from tropical areas of South America and especially Brazil, where and gets its name (from the Brazilian word for tobacco (petun) due to the amazing similarity between the two plants).

Petunia has branched stems and flowers as cones. It blooms from May to late autumn. It grows well in sunny places and requires regular watering. Reproduced in February-March through semena.Petuniyata with its variety of colors, shapes, colors, abundant and long blooming among the most popular garden plants. According to U.S. experts 30% of the total seed production of flowers in the world are those of petunias.

Diversity of species, varieties allows successfully be used for curbs petunia, flower walks, hanging baskets and pots. Today petunias bloom in all colors of the rainbow, not bright yellow, orange and black. Used for planting hybrids of the first generation. The most notable features are compactness, abundant flowering and disease resistance and external influences.

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